Perfection vs Progressive Excellence

Sometimes you just need to jump out of your safe boat and learn how to swim or freaking drown. You’ll never learn how to swim by watching swimming tutorials and making mental and/or actual notes. Jump in, drown. It will read better on your eulogy if you drowned learning to swim as compared to living with the fear of drowning.

Do I want to drown and die so that people can eat and drink at my funeral while talking about how painful, unprecedented and ‘uncalled for’ my death was? Hell no!!! And for that reason (well, in addition to I want to celebrate more Fathers’ Days- this time as a real father), I will learn to swim. I will do whatever it takes and mine all the energy, knowledge, will and drive unknown to me heretofore. And at best, I will learn to swim, maybe later fly. And I will be happy and fulfilled. At worst, I will drown, temporarily maybe. Maybe die. But won’t it be worth it?


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