‘Can someone write on your blog as a visitor?’ I was flattered. ‘Even as a resident, foreigner, international observer, or a thief’, I thought to myself. I mean, it’s a small community. No, community is a strong word. It is a small…never mind. Basically, we all know each other here. I know people who read and comment. And those who don’t read but comment. Hehe. We don’t judge each other here unless asked to, and when asked, we oblige.

This was the second person to ask me if she could write on my blog. The first one was me.

‘Of course you can. Why not?’ I said and asked at the same time. I asked her what she wanted to write about. At this juncture, I prayed and asked the good Father of the Bible to take away any cup of a political post before me (This girl is very political and loyal to her political party). I didn’t want to be the guy with the little known blog that is only read by his friends who denied a bold mamaa space on his dusty blog, then FIDA (her girlfriends) would be on my case.

For the record, I am not apolitical. At least not to the degree some people think I am. I have opinions and I vote. And I will vote again come 17th. I am also not subjugated by the ignorant individuals who always comment on a sensible post by ‘Your second name betrays you.’ (I don’t get how people stoop to such levels of pettiness). I only have political conversations with people with whom we can agree to disagree about our choice of leaders (read as thieves) and be civil about it. We acknowledge that when all is said and done, it’s every man for himself and God for us all. We won’t abuse each other and whenever one recedes to an ethnic cocoon and wants an ignorant, parochial argument, we call each other out. These people are gems. They listen first, understand, and then talk. A very rare breed.

‘I want to be partisan’. She responded. In my head I was like ‘aki hapana. Si leo. Si sahii. Not a political one. Much less a partisan one’.

‘I want to write about strong women’. ‘Oh. That’s interesting. Who doesn’t love strong women (wink)’ I poised, rather relieved.

So she wrote. I didn’t want to edit anything because, well, apart from the fact that it is a piece well written from the heart (she told me so),  it is rude to edit someone’s work unless you are a guru like Bikozulu. I did not take away a thing. Not even the ‘Regards’ at the very end,  even though I wished she’d finished with ‘Warm Regards’. It’s a cold September, people.

Joyce Mukami in her own words:


Take care of a Country, a village, a home from soring their knee, and in recent times participating in decision making; through going for positions and taking the bull by the horns and Kenyans have shown a lot of difference in thoughts of women leadership.
They’re different. Sooner or later different scares people.
Tough women, Martha Karuas of our times -women who will face a situation bravely, handle it – have been groomed by harsh times and this very society.
They have stood strong for powerful decisions and stands.
They make even men great.
They get things delivered.
They won’t change they just need an environment favourable to grow.
They will be deemed mean, rude and ignorant because they will be derailed a little but move on to their first focus.
A man of honor to them is one who doesn’t try placing her in a cocoon because by hook or crook she will leave and be her best version.
Because it is more about the goal than all the hurdles along the way.

These very women though, have a small, weak and a young girl in them ready to be loved, taken care of and pampered.
They sometimes, if not all times fall and worse still for wrong people because in themselves, they see women who can handle it. They sometimes stay in non-working relationships because they want the society to take them as ‘normal’.

But nothing is normal about pain, violence, hate, buying love, etc.
And when they decide it is over, they actually walk out throwing shade into all the environment will say.
So the next time she is around you all strong; within is a porcelain heart.
But in our weaknesses the Lord surmounts in strength.




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