In a society that is increasingly becoming self-absorbed in the individual, most people see (or would want to see) themselves as self-made individuals. We are more committed to seeking material wealth than are in pursuing meaningful, life giving relationships with our friends, families, colleagues and God.  We seek power, wealth, neglecting these invaluable relationships and only once we are at the top of the food chain or at our deathbeds do we realize how lonely we are.


 We are a web of relationships. Not a single individual can amply answer the question “Who are you?” without bringing to fore their plethora of relationships. They must be a father, mother, daughter, son, colleague, friend to someone, somewhere. Personally, I am my mother’s son, a brother, a friend and a tax payer. The latter relationship is not mutually beneficial but it is a relationship nonetheless.

It is worth noting that relationships are never static. They are either moving closer or drifting apart. Also, it is easier for a relationship to deteriorate than to thrive or be healthy. You don’t have to do a thing for a relationship to grow cold or for you to get from a point of baring souls to each other to not knowing how to even say hello. It takes no effort for that transition.

Bearing the two factors above in mind, it’s safe to say that whenever you avoid an unpleasant but necessary conversation, you are killing that relationship. For those waiting for the other party to call text or initiate a conversation, you’re a relationship executioner. You are cold, evil and you are a witch. A bad witch.

Majority of people want less and less of human interaction in their daily life. Granted, relationships are messy, demanding, dramatic and sometimes life shattering. We preoccupy every minute of our lives with a myriad of distractions. We become busy and pursue superficial, non-demanding relationships that we can abandon soonest we discover are not serving our selfish interests. We would rather interact with strangers via battery powered devices than have real, raw conversations and interactions with real, emotionally erratic, dramatic glucose-powered folks. But that is not how God intends us to live: Broken, lonely and hence unable to fully experience the beautiful mess of relationships.

God and relationship

God is the initiator and reviver of relationship. He values relationships. This is a shocker to all of you who think you are God’s only child: God does not see us in isolation but rather in the context of the relationships we have. He sees us as an individual in a relationship.

How can we be more alive in the relationships that God has placed us into? How can we serve others more and better? In these relationships, God requires of us to choose the other instead of our selves. A relationship in which we all seek the best for the other-may it be between friends, family, landlord/tenant, government/taxpayer- thrives. Every time we choose what is convenient for us, we choose us over the other and  we are not walking in love or true relationship.

Instead of running away from relationships, God is calling us to respond in a faith-filled YES to these relationships. Say YES to meaningful interactions with God’s creation.



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