For the love of Passion Fruits

Chicken and Finer Things

xl_15715_Passion-fruit-TP“I will be the one to pluck the passion fruits and y’all will be collecting them, then we can eat them for the rest of the afternoon.” He said.  My sisters and I were pretty excited about this because first off, this is food guys…. Food is the reason for living for people like us. We live to eat. And also, because this was yet another adventure we were about to take. The joy!!! Kevin Lawal( my neighborhood used to have people with weird names, Lawal, Euphantas, Laquisha a.k.a me) was also very excited because we had watched these passion fruits grow from the start. We felt like they were part of us. Once in a while we even had the idea of probably  watering them just so that they would grow a bit faster but we had to calm the calamities in our mammaries. Besides, our neighbor on whose…

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