Life (and death)

Then one fine day, all of us, without exception, will lie. Lie not to wake up again. Ever. Some will cry inconsolably  at our untimely departure. Mothers especially. (Is there anything like a timely departure?)

Others will rejoice at our departure. And the majority will nonchalantly go about their lives, oblivious of our departure.

Where we’ll go, I don’t know and sometimes it’s futile to try to think about it.

One thing is for sure as that day though: All our unrealized dreams will fade away as our rotting bodies. Sad but true.

Time is an illusion in flight

My hope is that when that day comes, I will be  ready, having expended every ounce of my life and energy  on a worthy cause, loved unreservedly, dared greatly  and failing terribly while at it, lived fully and served wholeheartedly.

When that day finally comes, I want to be ready to sleep and never wish I’d wake up. I wish to sleep empty with nothing more left to give, surrounded by people I love and who love me back and hopefully a little tipsy.

When they bury what will be left of me, I hope even the soil will get no nutrients from me.



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